Get the most out of the Ubermilk through the easy daily cleaning procedure

Caring for the ÜBERMILK
Caring for the Ubermilk helps in keeping it smooth and running. Since the machine deals with milk, which is a live product that requires specific precautions, daily cleaning is essential for consumer safety and machine operation. Kindly follow the instructions in this page to best maintain your Ubermilk.

Daily Cleaning


  • The Ubermilk MUST be cleaned before switching off

  • Clean the Ubermilk once a day before closing the bar

  • If you operate the machine more than 12 hours a day, clean twice a day (once after every shift)


  • On the Ubermilk screen, go to "Settings" and then press "Cleaning"

  • Follow the instructions on the screen

  • You can also watch the video below for a full explanation of the cleaning procedure


The following is needed for the daily cleaning procedure:

  • Ubermilk cleaning chemicals: agent 1 (red) and agent 2 (blue)

  • Filter discs (one per day)

  • Two containers with a capacity of 2 - 5 liters

Ubermilk Cleaning Procedure Video