Instant Espresso!

Beat the long lines and minimize customer waiting time with Izaga's optimized espresso bar flow

This is Izaga

An espresso grinder combining innovation, advanced technology, and modern aesthetics to offer a distinguished grinding experience that caters to the palettes of specialty coffee lovers


Izaga's advanced technology offers unmatched consistency, yielding a great taste out of every shot!


Isolated grinding chamber with smart ventilation

Long-life Burrs

Durable stainless-steel burrs, providing for high reliability

High Consistency

in espresso shots, thanks to Izaga's advanced grinding technology

Pre-ground Mode

Automatically grinds and prepares ground coffee for the next espresso shot

Clean Design

Modern and functional aesthetics

High quality materials

Ease of Use

Easily switch between two operating modes: Pre-ground and On Demand


Isolated grinding chamber with smart ventilation

An independent grinding chamber, thermally isolated from the drive motor, allows for cold grinding, even for frequent grinding!


High precision grind size control

The stepped mechanism precisely modifies the particle size, with 0.0083 mm per click.

The bidirectional handle locking system, which requires the Coarse or Fine key to be pressed to start, facilitates error-free adjustments of the grind size.

Color Options